Shaleece Haas documentary filmmaker / multimedia journalist (510) 316-2687

Extreme By Design

Extreme By Design follows a band of college students who design and build products to solve seemingly intractable problems for the world’s poor.

Extreme By Design
documentary feature
credit(s): associate producer/additional camera

Extreme By Design follows a band of college students who design and build products to solve seemingly intractable problems for the world’s poor. One student’s team must create a breathing device to keep babies in Bangladesh from dying of pneumonia. Another seeks a way to store drinking water for Indonesian villagers.

This hour-long documentary film begins on the first day of a Stanford University course called Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability and ends a year later after one group of students returns to Asia to test their device in the field amid plans to launch a startup.

The film will air nationally on PBS later this year.

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